A Pen Drive Guide To Beginners

Published: 24th July 2009
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The pen drive is a convenient USB flash memory device. The device is primarily used to transfer data files, audio and video from one computer to another very quickly. It derived its name from its constitution. The device, most of the times looks like a small pen which will easily fit in your pocket. It is indeed a charismatic invention of science. The device has made our work easier. It is sometimes referred to as jump drives as well.

Pen drive is an improvement on the floppy drives and the compact discs which were used for transferring files, copying data and reloading files on different drives. They are outfitted with a huge memory capacity. Even one with the lowest capacity has plenty of space to store a huge amount of data.

All common types of files can be transferred to a pen drive which can subsequently be transferred to any type of hard drive. From word documents, photographs, spreadsheets, music tracks to movie clips one can copy all kinds of files on a pen drive and then transfer it to some other drive. And the best part is that it requires only a few second to transfer the files and get your work done.

Now comes the most important question. How to use a pen drive? The process of using one is very easy indeed. They have a USB connector at one end. The connector is plunged into the USB port of either a desktop or a laptop and then activated. The screen shows an icon which gives you the indication that your it is active. Once it is active you can drag and drop or copy files very easily. The procedure is as easy as attaching a file to an e mail. Pen drives work fast and transfers huge files within a few seconds. it is a new device and manufacturers across the globe are making them.

Pen drives are configured at different levels as a result of which they can be used in all types of systems. Be it a PC or a laptop, it is compatible for all kinds of operating system. As long as your computer is having a USB port, transferring data through it is very easy. With the increase in demand, they are now manufactured with added facilities. And they are available with variable storage capacity.

Pen drives are very useful for network administrators for keeping backups of every work. They can easily store configuration information in it and load them when needed to other drives. You can store lots of information in it which will be of use during emergency. They are portable and very easy to move. Thus they are very popular with software and hardware professionals.

Pen drives are now available with modern appendages like LCD screen and audio input jack. A high end model may have drives with sound output as well. USB pen drives may also offer MP3 playback features. Some also have built-in rechargeable battery.

There is no need of installing the drive before using a USB pen drive. It carries application which can run on the host without installation. Nothing is as hassle free as a USB pendrive.

As we all are aware of the fact that the modern world is very fast and everything needs to be done within a fraction of a second. A pen drive is a modern day gadget which not only makes your work easier but also save you from the hassle of carrying big documents and remembering weird configurations.

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Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for Polomercantil

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