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Published: 09th March 2009
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With the growing popularity of tennis, many sports equipment manufacturers have entered into the shoes market with innovative styles of tennis shoes. Tennis is a highly strenuous sport. Hence a good pair of tennis shoes is a must for quality performance from the player. Good branded tennis shoes are made with reinforced heel and toe pads as these areas are most prone to wear and tear during games.

A game of tennis can be played on hard court and clay court. Tennis shoes are also available as per different ground surfaces. For instance, tennis shoes meant for hard court surfaces ought to be durable and extra protective where as for soft court surfaces tennis shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort to the players.

Buying branded tennis shoes provide good return in the long run both in terms of performance and durability. Today market is flooded with many brands of tennis shoes. Before buying, it is suggested to do a thorough market analysis of different brands of tennis shoes so as to know the high and low points of the brands. A brief discussion on some of the top branded tennis shoes as discussed as follows to help you choose your tennis shoes.


Nike, one of the most popular names in tennis shoe market, has dominated the market since the 80`s. Popular sports stars from different fields like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Lebron James endorse for this brand of shoes. The superstar studded endorsement has catapulted the status of Nike brand of shoes.

Latest technology has been adopted in the Nike brand of shoes. Nike tennis shoes now are designed in such a way so as to bring in air to the soles. This latest feature makes the tennis shoe very comfortable. In fact this feature has brought Nike as a forefront innovator in the tennis shoe market. One of its most popular shoes `Air Jordan` is a signature shoe by Michael Jordan. With the latest technology used for shoes designs and prominent sports persons endorsing its products, a basic Nike shoe doesn`t come with a price lower than $300.


Reebok brand always gives emphasis to serious gamers. It`s a common sight to watch NBA players wearing Reebok brands during NBA games. Several young tennis stars also endorse for this brand of tennis shoes. Over the years Reebok has introduced many advanced technologies such as the DMX technology and Supportive CMEVA midsole to provide ultimate cushioning comfort to the players and enable easy movement in and around the court. One popular brand of tennis shoes for women has also been designed by famous Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson. Price wise, Reebok brand of tennis shoes are not too overtly costly unlike some other brands.


One of the earliest brands of tennis shoes, Adidas has always been a favorite among many top professional players in different period for its durability, performance, excellent traction, cushioning and comfort features. Ever since its inception in 1931, there has been addition of many innovative features to gain extreme comfort and performance. For instance, materials such as synthetic, mesh and canvas are used for adidas tennis shoes to make it lighter in weight and increase the comfort as well as durability.

To provide excellent traction, the brand uses high density non-marking rubber outsoles called as 'Adi Wear'. Another innovative Adi prene technology is used in this brand of tennis shoes to provide good cushioning comfort while playing on hard courts. To ensure moisture-free comfort to the wearer's foot, 'Climacool' technology is used in Adidas tennis shoes. Surprisingly with so many advanced technologies incorporated in their footwear, Adidas brand of tennis shoes aren`t too expensive. Top-of-the-line Adidas tennis shoes for men starts with a price of $100.00.

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