Wireless Home Security Systems Reviews

Published: 27th January 2012
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Safety in any home is a very serious subject.All options should be taken in to consideration. Here are but three security systems to consider, with varied options to suit your personal needs.

Skylink SC-100 Security System Deluxe Kit

It is the answer to contractual monitoring companies and associated monitoring fees when it comes to home security. It is a 4 zone system with house around 3000 sq. ft. in mind. Apartments, condos, businesses and offices would do well with this system. Rolling or hopping code eliminates false alarms and restricts access from unwanted listeners that can capture and use your personal security code by recognizing radio waves on from its sensors. The front door can be covered with included sensors. Also it includes a handy key for remote with 100 foot range so you can sensor. The 110dB siren pierces the night when it is activated, scaring off intruders. Chime, Instant, and Delay modes are options in the programmable Lighted keypad so it helps cut the time of set up. Customers rave over the loudness of the product. It is a clear piercing siren sure to paralyze intruders in their tracks, and ward off repeat visits. With it being tamper resistant the safety of wireless connections diverts a line being cut by intruders.

Fees can get overwhelming when adding features to a monitoring contract. This is a onetime cost and well worth the price with no monthly fee to contend with. It has Easy mounting with install screws, and double-sided adhesive for steel doors or other surfaces you do not want to drill. With thirty Customizable Skylink security accessories that makes this system work your personal needs.

The Wireless Home Security System

It is a very good unit for a small space such as an apartment. It is easy to install and has several safety features. With a sensor that detects breaking glass and a phone connection that calls your cell or any other predetermined number when the alarms are tripped. This package includes one Control unit that plugs into the wall and into the phone jack and one alarm that can be attached to a door or window as well as a motion detector that will sound loudly when an intruder crosses its path. A convenient remote control that fits onto your keychain makes deactivating the alarm a breeze before entering the residence and has a panic alarm for added protection. Also included are the AC adapter, batteries and full instructions for operation and installment are included along with an instructional DVD.

The Control unit and the alarm are separate for added security. If an intruder tries to deactivate the alarm by breaking or smothering it, the Control unit is still sounding and actively calling a predetermined number to alert you or the authorities about the emergency. This home security system is equipped with a motion detector that can detect activity up to eight yards away. The sound of breaking glass trips the alarm as well as an opening window. The alarm can be attached to a window or a door. The wireless transmission between alarm and control unit can reach up to 250 feet away, through door and walls. This means that the Control unit can be in a bedroom while the alarm protects the front door.

GE 51107 Smart Home Wireless Alarm System

This personal home security kit includes one door alarm and three window alarms. The door alarm has an optional delay and a key pad is included so that you can turn it off before it sounds. The window alarms sound as soon as they are triggered by opening the window. The alarm is loud enough to frighten off any would be burglars.

With convenient door and simple window alarms your home is made more secure for you. There is a battery test switch and a low battery indicator so that you know you are protected at a single glance. With a large and highly visible keypad on the door alarm that owners can use to program a four digit key to disarm the alarm. By flipping a switch, you can use the optional delay when you leave home and the alarm waits 45 seconds for you to close the door. When you return home you have 30 seconds to enter the 4 digit code before the alarm sounds. The non-delay mode alarm will only sound while you are at home. A pleasant soft chime will greet you and your guests when the door is opened. You will know when your guests arrive as well as when your children leave. The separate and independent window alarms work like a breeze. When the window is opened, the alarm sounds. There is a battery test switch and on/off/chime modes so it to can be tailored to suit your needs.

Roberto Sedycias works as an IT consultant for ecommUS

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